MitreBond and MitrePen, the next generation of Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Exclusively manufactured in the United Kingdom by UNIKA Innovations, the world famous MitreBond and MitrePen range is now available in Australia. Ideal for all instant bonding requirements where the quality of the bond, the ease of use, the practicality of logistics and fastest bonding time is of great concern this range of instant adhesives ranks all the way at the top globally.  Used worldwide for domestic use, use in DIY projects, Art & Craft, the versatility of the MitreBond and MitrePen range bonds almost anything including MDF, Timber, Glass, Steel, Ceramics, Aluminium, Chipboard, Perspex, Porcelain and some plastics

Two decades of experience in excellence – UNIKA INNOVATIONS

UNIKA Innovations is one of United Kingdom’s leading manufacturers of specialised adhesives as well as aftercare products for all household surfaces such as all types of bench tops, kitchen surfaces, laminates, timber surfaces and Stainless steel with dominance in global markets for over 20 years. The premium quality of UNIKA products and the uncompromised promise of safety and performance has made them a household brand in most regions in the world.

MitreBond and MitrePen are registered trademarks of Unika Colour Products Ltd. Tetler Pty Ltd is the national distribution partner of MitreBond and MitrePen in Australia.

MitreBond Range


Next generation in Cyanoacrylate adhesives


MitrePen Activator

Patented non-aerosol activator


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